Pay and navigate safely!

In order to always better secure our online shop we have chosen trusted partners and we are constantly updating our security system. The whole of our site is secured in order to guarantee the security of your personal information as well as your bank details. You can see this by looking at the address bar of your browser.

La solution sécurisée PayPlug


PayPlug est la solution de paiement la plus sécurisée du marché. Nous vous assurons la sécurité ainsi que la confidentialité de toutes les données personnelles qui seront récoltés lors de votre paiement.

Nos pages de paiement utilisent le protocole TLS (cryptage de toutes informations liées à la carte) et sont soumises à de nombreux agréments (certification PCI DSS, agrément CB Cartes Bancaires, agrément Visa merchant agent...) . A aucun moment, vos coordonnées bancaires apparaissent en clair ou sont visibles.
PayPlug est une plateforme de paiement permettant au e-commerçant de sécuriser votre achat et de transférer l'ordre de paiement de votre banque à la sienne.

The 3D SECURE solution

3D SECURE is a program, created by VISA (Verified By VISA) and MASTERCARD (MasterCard SecureCode), to reinforce the security of card payment on the Internet.

At the time of payment of the transaction on the merchant website, a request for authentication of the cardholder is made before the request for authorization, if the merchant website and the payment card are 3DS. The buyer is directed to his bank to authenticate it by entering a secret data, independent of the card, and of which only the cardholder and his bank are aware.

This authentication method is left to the free choice of the bank issuing the card.

The principle of 3DS is to relieve the merchant of the risk of non-payment issued for dispute (the cardholder denies being the author of the transaction) provided that: - the cardholder has filled in the 3D SECURE data (authentication), - the merchant has complied with the security measures set out in the general conditions of his electronic payment contract for distance selling on the Internet.

The Paypal secure solution

Use PayPal as a means of payment to pay for a purchase. If you don't receive your item, or it doesn't match the seller's description (different color, broken item...), PayPal can refund you. This protection is free and valid in France and abroad (see conditions).

For more information, see Paypal's terms of use.

What to do in the event of a dispute?

To report a dispute, you must log into your PayPal account. You have 180 days from the date of payment. If our customer service does not answer or if you do not find an amicable solution, you can turn the dispute into a claim within 20 days. By opening a claim, you ask Paypal to make a decision for you. Paypal then studies your file and verifies your eligibility for a refund in accordance with their terms of use.

Pay online at a glance

Pay more securely in millions of online shops, simply with your email address and password.

You don't have a Paypal account

You do not need to have a Paypal account to make your payment. By paying with PayPal in Euros in the EEA, you do not pay any additional fees. There are no hidden charges or processing fees. Enjoy your shopping, and that's it.

You already have a Paypal account

When you use your credit card via PayPal, it works as usual. You just need to link it to your PayPal account to continue enjoying its benefits.

Other methods of payment

You also have the possibility to pay for your order on our website by cheque or bank transfer. To do so, simply follow the instructions when you place your order. If you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

Automatic confirmation by e-mail and SMS

A chaque fois que vous recevez ou effectuez un paiement (CB, Paypal, chèque ou virement bancaire) sur notre site, nous vous envoyons un e-mail ainsi que un SMS de confirmation. Si vous recevez un e-mail ou un SMS de confirmation portant sur une transaction que vous n'avez pas effectuée ou ne correspondant pas à votre commande, prévenez-nous immédiatement pour que nous puissions réagir au mieux.