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So that's it, you have finally finished restoring your good old Solex bike and changed all the tyres. single partsNow it's time to register your Solex so you can hit the road and set your tires on fire. Registering your Solex can sometimes be a complicated process. Don't panic! We will explain step by step all the formalities to be carried out so that your Solex can be driven legally.

Do I have to register my Solex?

And yes! Since 1 January 2011 registration is compulsory for all VéloSolex and other mopeds put into circulation before 1 July 2004. So you will have to put your nice license plate on the back of your Solex.

How do you do it?

Since November 2017 all the steps have to be taken on the website Once you have applied for registration, you will receive a provisional certificate before receiving the final registration certificate by post.

To register your Solex in 5 steps:

  1. Create your account on the ANTS website
  2. Connect with FranceConnect
  3. Make another request for a vehicle
  4. Registering a vehicle for the first time in France
  5. Provide supporting documents

Updated on 27.03.2020

Step 1

The first step is to create your account directly at this address (Create my account).

FranceConnect - Register a Solex - Solex Me

Step 2

You can use the "FranceConnect" option to use your tax account, Ameli or La Poste.

Solex 2 - Solex Me registration application procedure

Step 3

Once you have registered or logged in, go to the "Registration" section and then "Make another vehicle request".

Solex 3 - Solex Me registration application procedure

Step 4

The ANTS will ask you if you wish to be guided during your approach, we suggest you select "No".

Solex 3 - Solex Me registration application procedure

Step 5

In the "Category" section choose "Registering a vehicle for the first time in France" and in the sub-category "Used vehicle registration".

Solex 4 - Solex Me registration application procedure

Step 6

In the "VIN" section add your serial number. Then fill in the form with your personal information.

Solex 4 - Solex Me registration application procedure


Step 7

Then make sure that you attach all the necessary documents so that your application for a registration certificate does not cause any problems. Please note that it is preferable to use your insurance certificate for the technical characteristics of your Solex.

Solex 5 - Solex Me registration application procedure

Step 8

Good news! You're finally finished. All you have to do now is check the box below and click on "Validate".

Solex 5 - Solex Me registration application procedure

The file to be presented

Documents must be provided in order to apply for your Solex registration certificate. Here is a list of the documents to be provided and the forms to be completed.

How do I fill out the application form?

Here are the elements to fill in when you complete your Solex registration application. To begin, check the "Certificate" box at the top of your form.


Fill in your personal information here: Surname, First name, Date of birth, Place of birth and your address.

Technical Specifications

Make (D.1): Solex
Type variant version (D.2): 3800 (depending on your model)
Trade name (D.3): VéloSolex
Vehicle identification number (E): Your engine
number National type (D.1): Cyclo
Dominant colour: 0 Light or 1 dark
Main colour: Black (depending on the colour of your Solex)

How do I know the year of my solex?

To know the vintage of your good old Solex nothing could be simpler. First, locate your engine number (near the base of your cylinder). Using this number, identify the year of your Solex in the table below.

Engine number Solex model Production period
label from 0 to 1000 motorcycle Factory prototype May 1946
label from 1,000 to 140,095 Solex 45cc motorcycle (650 wheels) May 1946 arrow_forward June 1951
label from 140 096 to 325 205 Solex 45cc motorcycle (600 wheels) june 1951 arrow_forward october 1953
label from 325 206 to 653 388 motorcycle Solex 330 october 1953 arrow_forward september 1955
label from 653,389 to 1,016,250 motorcycle Solex 660 september 1955 arrow_forward april 1957
label from 1 016 251 to 1 394 500 motorcycle Solex 1010 April 1957 arrow_forward September 1958
label from 1,394,501 to 1,702,028 motorcycle Solex 1400 september 1958 arrow_forward october 1959
label from 1,702,029 to 2,202,000 motorcycle Solex 1700 October 1959 arrow_forward May 1961
label from 2,202,001 to 3,283,292 motorcycle Solex 2200 May 1961 arrow_forward October 1964
label from 3,283,293 to 3,799,999 motorcycle Solex 3300 October 1964 arrow_forward April 1966
label from 3,800,000 to 9,007,451 and +. motorcycle Solex 3800 april 1966 arrow_forward october 1976 and +
label from 7,000,002 to 9,006,225 and +. motorcycle Solex 5000 1971 arrow_forward 1976 and +

Download mine sheets by template

Look out! No mine sheet was found for the Solexes before model 2200. For models from 45cc to 1700, an insurance certificate must be used.

Lead sheet for Solex 3800 Download
Lead sheet for Solex 3800 MBK Download
Lead sheet for Solex 3800 SINFAC Download
Lead sheet for Solex 3800 IMPEX Download
Minesheet for Solex 5000 Download
Mine sheet for Solex 6000 Download
Minesheet for Solex Flash Download
Minesheet for Solex Micron Download
Lead sheet for Solex 2200 Download
Lead sheet for Solex 3300 Download
Lead sheet for PliSolex Download

With all these elements you should soon receive your registration certificate so that you can attach your brand new plate. Have a nice trip!

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