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Solex-Me: and your Solex gets a second youthfulness

Races, events, festivals, short films: the famous Solex is at the heart of events in France. A symbol of progress and genuine freedom of movement for the French, it is now a collector's item that enthusiasts continue to bring to life on a daily basis. 

To accompany them on their journey, the Solex-Me website offers for sale all the spare parts to repair, maintain and magnify their Solex.

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France and the Solex, a great love story

The Solex is an energy-efficient bicycle that appeared in the early 1900s. It was the first to be equipped with an auxiliary internal combustion engine, housed right in the middle of the rear wheel. As the brand's slogan in the 1950s put it, this "bike that rides by itself" combines mobility, speed and simplicity.

More than 100 years after it was first marketed, the Solex has continued to evolve, still today offering models made in Normandy, including three electrically assisted models.

For all fans and enthusiasts of this unique vintage bike, who are looking to repair or maintain their VéloSolex, all years of manufacture combined, the Solex-me.com site announces its wide variety of tools and spare parts.

Solex-Me: a new look for the models of the mythical brand

Solex Me Sainte Marie

Specialized in the sale of VéloSolex spare parts and accessories, the Solex-me.com website combines in a single shop all the rare parts that are difficult to find nowadays. The Solex is a high-performance machine that has been on the roads of France for decades, but needs quality parts to continue its journey.

The site sells everything you need to keep your bike in good condition: carburetion, exhaust, engines, lighting, tires, braking... A special "maintenance" category offers all the products useful for those who wish to paint, lubricate or improve the performance of their two wheels. Finally, Solex-me.com also offers original Solex accessories such as stickers, luggage or articles dedicated to Solex protection.

Focus on Solex-Me products

Gilles Batailles, founder of the site and creator of the concept announces: I wish to give a real boost to this "motor bike" by distributing adapted and quality spare parts. All good old Solex bikes have the right to a second youth.

Solex Me Sainte Marie la Mer

The products sold by Solex-Me, which enable the repair and maintenance of all Solexes, are grouped under the following categories:

In order to satisfy the customers and to meet their expectations as well as possible, the Solex Me site ensures that the prices of the products present on the site are competitive.

Gilles Batailles says:

I'm a true VéloSolex enthusiast and I make it a point of honour to select only quality parts, to offer them at the lowest possible price. A team of mechanical experts and Solex enthusiasts is available to customers by email or telephone. Ideal to make sure that the part identified will suit the customer's Solex model. Solex-Me is an e-commerce site with a double ambition: to sell the spare parts sought after by Solex owners but also to create and federate a real community dedicated to this mechanical jewel through social networks. The site has thus started to reference the addresses and opening hours of Solex clubs in France.

A few words about the founder of Solex-Me

Gilles Batailles was a craftsman and owner of his own garage for more than fifteen years, before embarking on the Solex-Me adventure. A true VéloSolex enthusiast, it was following a serious accident that almost cost him his life that he stopped his professional activity as a garage mechanic. He then decides to live life to the fullest and to make a living from his passion.

Solex-Me wants to become THE reference for Solex spare parts. Gilles Batailles, founder of the brand, also hopes to one day design his own VéloSolex.