Spare parts

Take it to the next level by completing the restoration of your Solex!

Does your VéloSolex need a refurbishment? If so, you should think about buying new spare parts! You can also use them for your customization sessions. You'll see, your "bike" will be like new! What's more, as far as parts (lightingAmong other things), there will be something for everyone.

Be meticulous in your selection of spare parts! Solex parts come in many varieties and, above all, they are very different from each other. One of the criteria that makes them different is the way they are installed. Finally, ask yourself this question: "what kind of Solex do I have? The choice of parts will depend on the answer to this question. This way, you will never make a mistake! Now, in terms of purchasing engines, braking parts, etc., this is very important. In short, for all products, the quality will be there.

Spare parts

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Black toolbox for Solex

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