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Mixed watch Solex Me - Spare parts for Solex - Solex Me
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Black watch Solex Me

29,90 €

Bumper attachment for Solex

10,00 €

Hand pump coupling

2,00 €

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 - Spare parts for Solex - Solex Me
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Carburateur Perf

94,00 €
 - Spare parts for Solex - Solex Me
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Bicône en plastique

3,50 €
 - Spare parts for Solex - Solex Me
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 - Spare parts for Solex - Solex Me
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Boisseau plat Perf

27,00 €
 - Spare parts for Solex - Solex Me
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 - Spare parts for Solex - Solex Me
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Kit de roulements SKF + 1 joint spi

12,50 €
Condensateur électronique 850V 0.22µF pour Solex • Pièces détachées pour Solex • Solex Me
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Condensateur électronique DUG.O

4,00 €
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Spare parts for Solex - Solex-me.com

Solex-me.com: all your Solex parts are here!

Looking for spare parts for your VéloSolex? Only one address : Solex-me.com !

Order spare parts and accessories for all Solex models. The Solex-me.com website combines in one shop those spare parts that we find so hard to find. Let's not forget that the VéloSolex is a high-performance machine known to all of us who have already been on the road for years with our grandparents, our parents and maybe even with you.

Notice to fans and enthusiasts of this unique vintage motorcycle that may be sleeping in the back of your garage today. We have found all the original parts needed to restore your Solex, your two-wheeled partner of yesteryear.

Ordering spare parts

You will find everything you need to keep your Solex moped in good condition (tires, lubricants, inner tube, tools, etc.), but also and above all, all the engine parts to restore it to its original look and performance. In order to satisfy you and meet your expectations as best as possible, we have made sure that the prices of the products on the site are competitive without sacrificing quality. Moreover you, we regularly add new products, so you should find this new item adapted to your Solex bike.

But which room to choose?

Don't panic, a dedicated Solex expert remains at your disposal to help you with the assembly or disassembly of your new parts or to guide you in your spare parts orders, by phone on 0986 762 266 or by e-mail. Although it's not on board a good old VéloSolex, we will deliver your order as soon as possible with our partner Colissimo. (read more).

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